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Welcome to the software repository of Ismar.

Welcome to, the portal to the software developed by the staff at Bologna subsidiary of the ISMAR Institute. Here you can find the following applications:


ChirCor: a program developed by Luca Gasperini of ISMAR, for managing physical-log data (P-wave velocity and density) and chirp-sonar seismograms.





SeisPrho screenshot 01SeisPrho: an interactive computer program developed by Luca Gasperini and Giuseppe Stanghellini for processing and interpretation of high-resolution seismic reflection profiles.





Sophia running 01Sophia: a software able to do 3D realtime visualization of morpho-bathymetric data or more in general of any well structured surface on XYZ space, developed by Giuseppe Stanghellini at ISMAR - CNR.






app_controlACSE: a program for function optimization on datasets, developed by Giuseppe Stanghellini at ISMAR - CNR.

Do you have a FUNCTION and a set of points ?

Do you wonder how that function can FIT that dataset ?

If the answer is yes, then ACSE IS the program for you.



segy exampleSegy-change: The swiss army knife of the SEGY files, developed by Giuseppe Stanghellini at ISMAR - CNR.

Do you get headache all the times you have to manage SEGY files ?Are you asking yourself if some of that headhache can be eliminated by the use of this program ?

YES ! with segy-change you can do almost anything on the content of a SEGY file, and in some cases this can do pain relief to your headhache without medical prescriptions.



daphne_serverDaphne: A multipurpose software able to collect data from sensors and log them to servers on wide and local area networks.

Developed by Giuseppe Stanghellini at ISMAR - CNR.

If you have a remote site nedding investigations, some sensors and a small pc to dedicate to data collecting, then try Daphne, you wont regret it.











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